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Foreigner patients are welcome

Welcome to Hakusan Acupuncture and Osteopathic Clinic!
I am Den, licensed acupuncturist and osteopath in Japan and the head of Hakusan Acupuncture and Osteopathic Clinic located in Tokyo.
I would like to announce the launch of my clinic’s English page to welcome international patients, and to better understand more about our acupuncture treatments.
I hope this website will be useful for learning more about my clinic and the services available.

Acne is a common skin problem

In the past few years, not only Japanese patients have suffered from acne problems, but many international patients have also visited my clinic and improved their skin through acupuncture treatment.
Ever since the WHO proved the effectiveness and benefits of acupuncture, there is a worldwide trend towards acupuncture treatment. I have seen many patients in the past years and skin problems are common problems regardless of nationality.

Our Needles are Painless

“Does it hurt?” I often ask my first patients. My clinic uses a very fine dermatological needle, which is thinner than a strand of hair. Needles are used only once, and not reused. These special needles are made in Japan, and are known as the best quality in the world.

Treatment Case-study

This patient came from Vietnam, who has been living in Japan for 5 years. He had skin problems caused by stress from a new life, new working environment, and new language. He visited my clinic to get treatment once a week. The following picture below was during his treatment, directly inserting the needle into his acne.
He knocked on my clinic door to get healthy skin back before his wedding (September 2017). After 3 months of sessions, his skin condition had improved. Below is a picture of me and my happy patient.

My motivation is to see the improvement of my patient’s skin.
As an acupuncturist, seeing the effects of improvement through acupuncture, is an oriental method of treatment that Western medication was unable to heal.
I am hoping to promote the benefits of Japanese acupuncture worldwide. Many patients from different countries such as Canada, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Korea, have visited my clinic to for healthier skin.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


How to reach my clinic from the nearest subway station

From Hakusan Station on Metropolitan Mita line
•About 6 minuets walk

From Senishi Station on Metropolitan Mita line
•About 6 minuets walk

From Honkomagome Station on Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line
•About 8 minuets walk

Please check the Google Map or watch the direction videos below
so you won’t get lost!

From Hakusan Station (Metropolitan Mita Line)

Please use exit A3

From Sengoku Station (Metropolitan Mita Line)

Please use exit A1

From Honkamagome Station (Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line)

Please use exit 1

Fees and Hours

First session : ¥6500 (Only first session)
Treatment: Around 1 hour
We accept both Credit Cards and Cash
* After completing the 2nd session, we kindly request to purchase tickets for 3 or 5 sessions.
We usually recommend purchasing tickets if you would like to have more sessions. But only if you like our first session, there is no pressure!

3 sessions ticket : ¥24000
(¥8000 / per session)
5 sessions ticket: ¥37500
(¥7500 / per session)

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


月額¥3500(税抜) 水素風呂レンタル始めました





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