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都内の有名鍼灸院/整骨院勤務を経験。キャリア15年。施術人数5000人以上。様々なスキントラブルや体の悩みを抱えた患者様を担当する。特に得意なのは「ニキビ」や「肌荒れ」の根本からの改善。丁寧な施術と的確なアドバイスで肌荒れで悩む20代〜40代の女性に高い評価を頂いております。 Masatada Den The Head of Hakusan Acupuncture/Osteopathy Clinic After working with the well-known acupuncture/osteopathy clinic in Tokyo, he has opened doors for his own clinic. With 15 years of experience, the Tokyo-based Acupuncturist has seen over 5,000 patients with many different problems. His specialty is 「Acne」「Skin Problems」to help treating them by identifying the roots that cause the problem. With his effective acupuncture treatments and advice, Den has gained the reputation particularly in the areas of skin problem for women ages between 20 - 40.

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